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Bullet 3 Spot light


*LED bulbs only 

* This light fixture comes with the bulb(s) included. 

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Spot Light Specification Sheet 

Roto-Lite spot lights are perfectly constructed to add special lighting effects to your landscape design. Create landscape focal points by illuminating trees, signs, or unique architectural features of your building or home where a spot light application is needed. Roto-Lite spot lights are designed for ground, tree, or landscape installation.

  •  One piece molded polymer body with hooded shroud.
  •  Compounded in three color granite with pebble texture.
  • Clear glass. All lenses are fully gasketed, making for a water tight seal.
  •  Sandstone in stock, custom colors are available.
  • 120V LAMP (LED Only)
    PAR-20 Bulb available in 6 a watt.
    Beam angle available in 30 degrees
    MR-16 Bulb available in 6 watts.
    Beam angle available in 30 degrees.

All of Roto-Lite’s light fixtures come with a lifetime warranty which means this will be the last fixture purchase necessary. Only bulb changes and possible electrical maintenance will be needed following the purchase of a Roto-Lite product. Please Contact us today for a free quote. All fixtures are assembled using UL listed components.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Bullet 3 Options

12 Volt, 12 Volt + Ground Stake, 120 Volt, 120 Volt + Ground Stake


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