How to light up palm trees

You have more than one option to light up your palm trees.

Options for Palm Tree Lighting

There is no exact science on how to light up palm trees. The different options include a spot light from the ground, a spot light mounted to the tree as a bracket, or our tree ring light. Below are the different options:

Ground spotlight

Tree Bracket

Tree ring light

The most popular choice we’ve seen is the tree ring light as it can be customized to however many lights you’d like to light up the tree. The multi-directional capability lets the light shine up and down. Our LED lights are strong enough to light up the fronds from the ground, but for the best results and aesthetic the trees look best when lit up on a bracket or tree ring mount.

palm tree lighting
The fronds lit up from a tree ring light.

The tree ring has options for up to 6 spot lights for different levels of lighting. There is also an option to have color changing lights that are controlled by bluetooth. The color changing option can be used in all of the three options.

RGBW LED Palm Tree Ring

color changing tree light

RGBW LED Spotlight

rgbw spot light

The ideal lighting depends on the scenario or result you want. If you’d like to focus on the fronds or palms on the tree, you should be using a tree ring fixture as it will sit up high in the tree and shine bright upwards. As for scenarios, there are certain situations where light coming from the ground would have an undesirable effect. For example, a restaurant that has the tree ring installed needed the lights high enough as to not get in the eyes of customers.

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